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Start the adventure of talking online with Spanish speakers and improve your Spanish!


Talk to natives

You will be able to practice your Spanish in a friendly and effective online environment by speaking with native tutors who will help you improve your fluency naturally.


Senior Tutors

We support seniors to stay active, make connections around the world, and earn extra income from the comfort of home.


Explore our services

You can choose between:
Individual, Group or Corporate Plans.


Fluency and Confidence

You will be much more prepared to speak Spanish and with the necessary confidence for the competitive corporate world.


How does it work?

1. Get to know our tutors and their available hours

Rafael Leon

Rafael Leon


Cecilia Leon

Cecilia Leon


2. Choose a modality for your sessions:

3. Choose the plan of your choice... and get ready to improve your Spanish!

  • Individual Económico

    Every month
    Plan Individual con derecho a 4 sesiones cada mes
  • Individual 2XSem

    Every month
    Plan Individual con derecho a 8 sesiones cada mes
  • Best Value

    Grupal Económico

    Every month
    Plan grupal con derecho a 4 sesiones cada mes
  • Grupal 2XSem

    Every month
    Plan grupal con derecho a 8 sesiones cada mes

Our History and Motivation

Español Libre started in the year 2020, since then we have been using our method of conversation with native speakers to help mainly Brazilians to improve their fluency in speaking Spanish.


We are motivated to promote our South American region, improve our human capital as professionals and stand out in the globalized corporate world.

Come with us!

"Today I feel much more confident in writing, reading and speaking in Spanish."

Douglas T. - Campinas, BR

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